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Location Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a privileged country, located in Central America between Nicaragua and Panamá and with an area of only 19,652 square miles, this small territory is home of around 5% of the world’s biodiversity, its National System of Conservation Areas preserves 25% of the national territory.

The geographic diversity and multiple elevations of Costa Rica allows for a variety of microclimates. Although Costa Rica is technically a tropical country you may experience everything from hot and humid to downright chilly.

The country touches the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, what makes it very accessible; you can travel from coast to coast in just three hours by car (or 45 minutes by plane).

In Costa Rica you can find everything you want, from tropical beaches to high mountains, with everything in between: volcanoes, different types of forest, waterfalls, all kind of orchids, butterflies and birds.

There are many activities you can do in Costa Rica including: rafting, fishing, surfing, canopy, horseback riding, golf, bird watching, diving, among others.

Costa Rica has a serious commitment with sustainability; The Costa Rica Tourism Institute developed a program for the tourist companies to get a certification according to their practices in terms of care of the environment, conservation initiatives and communal development.

Costa Ricans are very friendly and accommodating people, once you experience their friendliness and hospitality, you will be convinced. Costa Ricans are also known as “Ticos” and their “Pura Vida” expression (pure life) reflects their way of life; they enjoy life as much as they can.

Costa Rica has more than a century of democracy and more than 50 years without an army (it was abolished in 1948), the government decided to invest the money saved from not having an army in improving the education and quality of life of the Costa Ricans.

All these facts have contributed to make Costa Rica a very popular and welcoming destination.