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Location San José

San José is the capital of Costa Rica and also a political, cultural, administrative and commercial center.

The city is located on relatively flat land with minor undulations, is surrounded by fertile hills and crossed by several streams that run from east to west. Its average height is about 1170 meters above sea level. The weather is warm with temperatures between 18 and 22 Celsius degrees.

San José has a complex and modern structure of communication that connect the capital with the world; different means of transportation including international and domestic flights airports, an urban classic train, taxis, buses, car rentals, shuttle services, etc; there are sport fields, parks and family relaxation sites including an amusement park with a section that recreates the traditions of Costa Rica, it is called: Pueblo Antiguo.

From the city you can choose among dozens of one-day tours to the rainforest, volcanoes or to experience the thrill of a white water rafting or canopy tour, to mention just a few

As the cultural heart of the country, San José is home to several theaters, museums, galleries, etc. The historic center features several beautiful old buildings that enclose most of the history of the nation.

The night life offers different options for visitors, there are dance clubs, bars, restaurants, cinemas and a cultural agenda with artists of international reputation and very interesting performances. The National Symphony Orchestra performs several presentations throughout the year, usually these are held at the National Theater. Another option is the Jazz Club in Escazú, located just 15 minutes from the hotel.

All these attributes make San José a destination more than just a stop – over.