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Private Guided Walking City Tour

Bring your walking shoes. 4 great ways to explore urban San José and to see the secret spots in the city.

This tour provides you with great information about the culture, history and architecture of San José. This experience allows you to learn interesting facts about the city, gives you time to appreciate the beauty of San José and immerse you into the capital’s environment.

The Bird's Nest:

An introductory tour of the center of bustling San José with more than 40 stops, showing a variety of galleries, historic sites, parks, buildings and public art of interest. Duration: 2 hours. Comfortable shoes recommended.

Photographer "Bird":

Love to take photos while traveling but don't have time to find locations or are concerned about using your expensive equipment in the city? This customized tour takes clients on a scouted route for the best shots of San José and provides preventive security while you shoot. Like to photograph people? Architecture? Food? Tell us your interests, and we'll create a route just for you!

We cannot be held responsible for theft or damage of photo equipment. Duration: 2 hours. Comfortable shoes recommended.

Artist "Bird":

This tour takes creatively curious visitors on an exploration of contemporary Costa Rican art to view and/or purchase. We'll wander under tunnels and past abandoned buildings, catching the newest works in graffiti art, and then continue to galleries featuring Native Indian works, urban fashion, vibrant paintings, sculptures, furniture and more. Sometimes we might meet the artists themselves.

In between locations, we'll catch glimpses of some of San José's most historic buildings, learning bits of Costa Rican history. Duration: 2 hours. Comfortable shoes recommended.

Hungry "Bird":

Interested in learning about the local food? Costa Rica has had a very agrarian society but has put some yummy spins on basic ingredients. We'll sip out of coconuts as we wonder through bakeries, markets and chat with street vendors.

Depending on what you want to sample, you will probably want 10.000 - 20.000 colones on hand in cash. Duration: 2 hours. Comfortable shoes recommended.